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June; post-ENGR 197A

So I’m back home after a near 1-month school program in China offered by Penn State. I had really hoped to stay in China just a bit longer so it’s a bit disappointing to be back so early, but that’s minor. This was a great program and I had a great experience in China.

I was unable to update this blog because my iPhone randomly crashed. Considering it was my first jailbreak, I probably should have loaded only a few apps to avoid trouble. It was also kind of my fault that I never got the thing fixed because at first I didn’t feel a need to rush since restoring an iPhone really isn’t a big deal. However, when I finally got around to it,  I found iTunes won’t restore unless you have the latest update (600-700 MB download) and I ended up facing slow internet or failing downloads. When I got a chance to fix it at a phone store, only a couple days were left in the program so I didn’t do it.

Now I’m back and can start writing about my experience. So stay tuned for posts on the trip. They’ll be including pictures, just like this post.

As a quick summary of my opinion, I’ll say the program was thankfully what I wanted it to be. I got to see everything from big modern cities to small old ones, city parks to amazing mountain vistas, the Great Wall to the Beijing National Stadium, and most outings had the focus on engineering and architecture to learn about cultural and historical influences. And of course, let’s not forget that the experience included the food, the people, the culture, the music, the TV, the streets, the markets, and hey, the language.

The included pictures are of two of my favorites places from the trip. Try to find out or guess where they are; you’ll find out the answer in their corresponding blog posts. Click for full size.

  1. Lagos
    2012/06/09 at 18:52

    I can’t wait!


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