Language Resources Index

Here you will find links to lessons, videos, podcasts, dictionaries, tools, and more, for learning various languages. Every single item will have a mini-review or comment attached. While most are aimed at English speakers, these are intended to be multilingual lists, so many are in different languages and will be labeled as such.

There are many sites out there with lists of languages resources. Lists. No comments or reviews. Thus, it is up to you to randomly pick and try each one, but things like podcasts or video lessons would require large time investments.

I’m here to change that. If it is in this list, it’s because I’ve checked it out. Whether I support it wholeheartedly or simply thought to keep it around “just in case,” all my listed resources will have such comments.

PLEASE REPORT BROKEN LINKS! And if you have others to recommend, or want to add your two cents to any of these, do contact me! Maybe I will include your thoughts.

NOTE: Many links are actually to various individual lessons, which makes it seem like there are more distinct resources than there really are. I will recount the links to reflect this, so that the number will look more like “90; 40 sites.”


General Resources (online. ~10 items) –  Last update: 2017, Jul 6 – Sites, apps, and more for practicing any language, finding language exchange partners, and more.


Chinese – Mandarin (Online. ~129 items) – Last update: 2014, Jun 20

Chinese – Cantonese (Online. ~13 items) – Last update: 2012, Oct 29

Chinese – Other (Coming later)

English (Coming much later)

ESL (Coming much later)

French (Coming Soon)

Hindi (Under construction)

Japanese (Online. ~117 items) – Last update: 2020, Nov 29

Korean (Online. ~46 items from ~34 sites) – Last update: 2020, Aug 10

Spanish (Coming later)

Vietnamese (Under construction)

Other (Online. ~11 items) – Last update: 2013, Aug 30

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