About TCBP

This Can Be Pronounced (TCBP) is a project to promote and support the self-study of multiple languages and their related cultures.

The completed This Can Be Pronounced (TCBP) website will contain:

  • A large but organized list of online learning resources for as many languages as I can collect. All the included resources will have my review or comments. (Some already online!)
  • Learning materials and study guides created by me and any other contributors. (In progress)
  • A blog with lessons, encouragement, tips, and a journal of my study and experience in languages and cultures. (Online)

In addition, I have a Facebook page that adds to the site content by sharing relevant and helpful posts from other Facebook pages or webpages from different websites, as well as my own thoughts too short for a blog.

As I specialize in studying multiple languages at once (read “specialize in” as: may seem like I’m, fooling myself into, being completely stupid in, etc.), I’ll try to write in a cross-lingual perspective, such as relating words and grammar of one language to another’s, usually as an aid for learning.

Thus, I may write some posts as lessons, which I will (try to) have checked out by native speakers or teachers before posting. However, be aware that for some, my main intent will be the adage of “a great way to remember is to teach what you’ve just learned.”


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