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Orchestral Performances of Korean Pop Music – with some extras!

2012/08/03 Leave a comment

Well, this was not all intended to be my next post, but since this is actually just a compilation of posts I just made on Facebook, I figured it would be easy to post right away. It is, after all, relevant to the themes of this blog.

[Amateur / school performances ahead, so don’t expect perfect music!] So I was checking out updates on Talk To Me In Korean‘s Facebook page and saw they posted a video of an orchestra playing Gee by SNSD (aka: Girls Generation). [Comments are below their respective videos.]

I personally never liked Gee myself – too cutesy? – but this orchestra version sounds perfect to me (apart from a couple things, such as the drummer). Makes me think of a bright and sunny scene in some Disney or Pixar film. I haven’t heard the “Up” soundtrack in a while; is that what I’m thinking?  Read more…