Upcoming Pages

As is implied on the About page, more content is being worked on for this site. It was never meant to be merely a blog.

Updated April

The following two will be up as soon as possible; I expect before the end of the year:

Language Resources (Online, but still under construction): A collection of links to various online resources, be they dictionaries, tools, videos, complete learning curriculum, etc.

Media Reviews (90% complete): My mini-reviews on TV shows, anime, movies, language podcasts, and whatever else. Any existing reviews on existing posts will be moved here. This won’t be a reviews site; they’ll be there as recommendations with a few paragraphs to back them up.

The following will take time since they rely on content, no value for them yet.

Glossary: Some posts will have to assume a certain level of knowledge; the more commonly used terms will be in here.

Image Gallery: Collection of pictures I’ve published on this site; for example, pictures from the China program, Penn State’s ENGR 197A.

Learning Tools: My own self-made tools; made for myself, posted here if it can help others. For example, study sheets or pronunciation tables.

and more…however the future may demand….

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